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 ======Events====== ======Events======
 +====Spring 2018====
 +**Friday, April 13th, 1:30-2:30 PM, STEM 4 Girls Organizational Meeting**
 +STEM for Girls is an annual event hosted by the Women'​s Resources and Research Center and Dr. Tina Jeoh. This program is funded by the National Science Foundation and the WRRC. This year’s STEM for Girls event will be held on Saturday, May 12, 2018.  ​
 +This meeting will be hosted by Shawn White in  3240 MSB, and is for anyone who wants to help out with the event in May!
 ---- ----
 ====Winter 2018==== ====Winter 2018====
 +**Thursday, Feb. 8, 1:10-2 PM, AWM Workshop **
-**Monday, Feb5, Leading and Breaking Barriers Seminar:**+AWM will host a worksop titled "Who is Responsible for Social Justice?"​ in MSB 1147.
-Prof. Talithia Williams will be giving a talk associated with the Leading and Breaking Barriers seminar. ​More information to come, or check out the seminar website. https://​​events/​barriers.html+The term "​social justice"​ gets thrown around in the media (and in social media) haphazardly. Who administrates social justice? Are you interested in the history of this term, why it gets used, and figuring out where you stand regarding this heated phrase? ​  
 +This Thursday, at 1pm, your very own UC Davis chapter of AWM will host a workshop entitled "Who is Responsible for Social Justice?" ​ During the hour, participants will: 
 +  * define social justice and how it relates to systemic injustices of the past and present, 
 +  * explore how privilege affects responsibility allocation, and 
 +  * become more self aware, and intentional,​ about their role in the fight for social justice. 
 +Light snacks will be provided. ​ We hope to see you there. 
 +**Monday, Feb. 5, 4:10-5 PM Leading and Breaking Barriers Seminar:​** 
 +Prof. Talithia Williams will be giving a talk titled "No Longer Hidden Figures: Encouraging Diverse Mathematical Talent"​ in the Leading and Breaking Barriers seminar ​at the MPR Community CenterCheck out the seminar website. https://​​events/​barriers.html
 **Friday, January 26 at 4 PM - 8 PM, GOALS X Dunloe Brewing Fundraiser:​** **Friday, January 26 at 4 PM - 8 PM, GOALS X Dunloe Brewing Fundraiser:​**
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-** Thursday, Jan 25 at 4:30-6 PM, Mentorship ​Event:+** Thursday, Jan 25 at 4:30-6 PM, Mentorship ​Game Night:
 ** **
-Meet your mentor/​mentee at fun game night! More details at our first meeting ​and via email next week+AWM will be hosting ​a game night to kick off the mentorship program. ​ AWM will supply food and some games. ​ Please feel free to bring your own games as well. 
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