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-====Spring 2016====+======Chapter Meetings======
-We currently meet once every two weeks, for one hour, and take turns bringing lunch. The time and day of the week for our spring quarter meetings is **currently being decided**. ​+----
-Please check back soon, and make sure to **join the listserv** to keep up-to-date with the chapter(The link at the very bottom of the sidebar will take you to the page to sign up.)+====Winter 2018==== 
 +We will meet **12:​10-1:​00pm,​ in MSB 2112**, on the following dates: 
 +  * Wednesday Jan 17 
 +After this initial meeting, we will set a regular meeting time for all future meetings during winter quarterOnce your schedule is set for the quarter, please fill out the following poll to determine our regular meeting time: 
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