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 ======Chapter Meetings====== ======Chapter Meetings======
 +Meeting minutes can be found [[ minutes | here]]
 ---- ----
-====Winter ​2018====+==== Spring ​2018 ====
-We will meet **12:10-1:00pm, in MSB 2112**, on the following dates:+Meetings ​will generally be held **every other Monday** from **12-12:50pm** ​in **MSB 3240**, starting ​on April 16.
-  ​Wednesday Jan 17+**Monday, May 14, 12-12:50pm in MSB 3106, Communication Standards** 
 +In this meeting, we will discuss standards for how we communicate issues and goals at our events and meetings. 
 +**Monday, April 30, 12-12:50pm in MSB 3106, Workshop: Social Change Now** 
 + It is oftentimes difficult to identify solutions to social problems in STEM.  Even if you have ideas about what needs to change, you may not know how to take the first step.  In this workshop, we will work together to (a) identify realistic goals for social change in STEM and (b) identify how to utilize your network and your power to make steps toward your goals. 
 +(Please note the room change from our previous location!) 
 +**Monday, April 16, 12-12:50pm in MSB 3240, Mission Statement Workshop** 
 +Our first meeting of spring quarter will be a Mission Statement Workshop in which we rework the mission statement of our student chapter to reflect the vision and goals of our current members. (See current mission statement [[mission_statement| here]].) The intention for this workshop is to clearly and precisely define our direction and purpose as an organization,​ and for every member to understand why their contributions are important and valuable to the group. It's also a great way to decide what events and activities we should prioritize to best promote our overall goals. For those of you who are considering becoming more active in AWM, this is an awesome opportunity both to see what we are all about and to have a voice in deciding how we proceed as a club. 
 +====Winter 2018====
-After this initial meeting, we will set a regular meeting time for all future meetings during winter quarter. Once your schedule is set for the quarter, please fill out the following poll to determine our regular meeting time: +We will meet Thursdays from 1:10 - 2:00 pm.
-  +
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