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Meeting Minutes

First Spring Quarter Meeting - April 16th, 2018

Mission Statement Workshop We began the workshop with brainstorming in pairs about values we'd like to see in the club, and outcomes we would like to see. Next, we brainstormed our own visions for how AWM can implement these outcomes and values. We then wrote some of these ideas on the chalkboards and circulated, starring ideas we agreed with and adding question marks to ideas we didn't understand.

Ideas we came up with included:

Binning ideas:

  1. Intersectionality
    • acknowledgement of the variety of privileges we all enjoy
    • promote intersectional diversity of representation of women in math
  2. Social/Community
    • mentorship events, social events
    • fostering an environment of inclusion and support for women in math
    • talk to other women in STEM groups
  3. Professional Development
    • technical, women-led workshops
    • diverse speaker series
    • celebrate history of successful women/minorities in math
    • mentorship
    • spotlight various math career paths
    • workshops on how to deal with sexism/bigotry
    • helping women find opportunities for funding research
  4. Outreach
    • outreach events to middle/high school girls
    • push more diversity in admissions/applications

Sample statement ideas:

  1. Intersectionality:
    • Acknowledge socioeconomic, racial, gender, sexual orientation differences and uplift mathematicians with those backgrounds
    • celebrate & promote diversity
  2. Social/Community:
    • Fostering community and building a network of women and allies with/among math fields and across undergrad/grad/postdocs/faculty.
  3. Professional Development:
    • Provide info about careers in math
    • workshops led by women
    • provide info about funding/ group travel to conferences
    • talks as a form of inspiration, lunches with speakers
    • field trips/group travel to conferences
  4. Outreach
    • Workshop how to reach out effectively to young girls, to both inspire and combat stereotypes
    • Do outreach events
    • AWM will coordinate outreach activities at local schools to expose students to the broad world of math. Meanwhile, AWM will also facilitate training on strategies for effective outreach.

AWM Officers Meeting - April 3rd, 2018


  • Copresidents - Emily Meyer and Katy Jarvis
  • Treasurer - Lily Silverstein
  • Secretary - Carter Johnson
  • Undergraduate Chair - Dannie Kiel
  • Communications Director - Esha Datta
  • Workshop Chair - Sam Fleischer


NSF Research has shown that middle and high school is the best time to encourage girls to get into STEM careers, so this is our target age group!

Planned Events
  • Winters High School - May 11th or 18th (unconfirmed)
  • STEM 4 Girls - May 5th, 10am-12pm
    • Organizational Meeting 1:30-2:20pm, 4/13 in 3240 MSB
Presentation Ideas
  • “Calculus is Cool”
  • Monty Hall Problem
  • Q&A Panel
    • Need to research positive ways to answer questions about discrimination, possibly a goal for a workshop or meeting to create guidelines
Concluding Thoughts
  • Would be good to revisit schools
  • Could collaborate with M-PACT or Math Circle


Leah Edelstein-Keshet's generous donation will be used to fund the “AWM Women in Mathematical Biology Speaker Series”

  • We will be able to fund 5 or 6 speakers, 2 of which are from UCD.
  • Speaker series will have a research talk, a meal with AWM members, and a short, informal discussion about experiences
  • Katy & Emily have a nice long list of speakers to invite


We need to improve on this, undergrads don't know about any of our events/programs! Fliers in MSB and emails to @grads not the most effective methods.

  • FB and Instagram pages will be maintained by Esha
  • We need to get weekly updates on the department email newsletter undergrads get
  • We need to take more pictures! Perhaps there is a service on campus that can help?


Sam probably has lots of ideas, but was absent. New idea: Technical Workshops led by women for undergrads on LaTeX, MATLAB, etc.


  • Informal, small room was effective! 1147 is too empty and intimidating
  • Should have another social event this quarter
  • Perhaps blending mentorship/technical workshops together for an event - intimate and helpful training

Miscellaneous - Needs Member Feedback

  • Money for small travel awards? This will directly support women in the the department.
  • Lily, Esha, and Sarah Driver are working towards making the 1st floor restrooms gender-neutral. Put the backing of AWM behind the efforts?
  • Putting pronouns on the department website.
  • Writing letters to dept. hiring/admissions/speaker-inviting committees encouraging them to consider diversity
    • Research diversity efforts already in place
    • Allow member feedback on letters before sending
  • Adding more diversity training to the 1st-year TA seminar - e.g. UndocuAlly program
    • Can use campus resources to get the right people to lead the lessons
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