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Mission Statement

Our aim is to encourage and support women, girls, and otherwise underrepresented minorities to study mathematics and pursue related careers. Our goals and planned activities are:

  • recognizing and celebrating the socioeconomic, racial, gender, and sexual orientation differences among us through our communication and events in the math community
  • fostering community and building a network of women and allies among math fields and across undergrad/grad/postdocs/faculty
  • the professional development of our community; in particular, providing information about various careers in mathematics and funding options for travel to conferences, and hosting, promoting, and developing workshops and talks led by women.
  • coordinating outreach activities at local schools to expose students to the broad world of math, while concurrently facilitating training for AWM members on strategies for effective outreach.

The AWM Student Chapter is open to everyone. In particular, we emphasize that we are open to all gender identities, and to faculty, researchers, and non-math majors, as well as to undergraduate and graduate math students.

As a student chapter, we are student-organized and student-led. However, we welcome participation and input from anyone.

Disclaimer: The views expressed herein do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Association for Women in Mathematics. They are entirely the views of this particular student chapter.

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