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-Our aim is to encourage and support women and girls to study mathematics and pursue related careers. Our **goals** include:+======Mission Statement======
-  * Fostering a sense of community among women in the UC Davis Department of Mathematics +----
-  * Increasing the visibility of successful women in mathematics +
-  * Promoting equal opportunity and equal treatment for women in math +
-  * Providing a supportive environment to discuss issues relating to women in math+
-Our **activities** ​and planned activities ​include:+Our aim is to encourage and support women, girls, and otherwise underrepresented minorities to study mathematics and pursue related careers. Our goals and planned activities ​are:
-  * Mentoring undergraduate math majorsespecially women +  * **recognizing and celebrating the socioeconomicracial, gender, and sexual orientation differences** among us through our communication ​and events in the math community 
-  ​Performing outreach activities for students in primary ​and secondary schools +  * fostering **community** and **building a network of women and allies** among math fields ​and across undergrad/​grad/​postdocs/​faculty 
-  * Hosting talks by women in math, from both UC Davis and elsewhere +  * the **professional development** of our community; ​ in particular, providing information about various careers in mathematics and funding options ​for travel to conferences,​ and hosting, promoting, and developing workshops and talks led by women
-  * Providing online resources ​for women in math+  * coordinating **outreach** activities at local schools to expose students to the broad world of math, while concurrently facilitating training for AWM members on strategies for effective outreach.
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 As a student chapter, we are **student-organized** and **student-led**. However, we welcome participation and input from anyone. As a student chapter, we are **student-organized** and **student-led**. However, we welcome participation and input from anyone.
 +Disclaimer: The views expressed herein do not necessarily reflect the opinion
 +of the Association for Women in Mathematics. ​ They are entirely the views of this particular student chapter.
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