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Chapter Officers


  • Akshita Sharma (akssharma [symbol] ucdavis [symbol] edu)


  • Himshikha Nath


  • Brittany Leathers


  • Sarah Elizabeth Portnell

Undergraduate Chair

  • Alyssa Phan

Communications and Workshop co-Chairs

  • Frances Quynn (also Social Events Leader) and Frances Bollozos (also Math Events Leader)

Faculty Sponsor:

  • Monica Vazirani

To reach all our members, you can use the AWM listserv (awm [symbol] ucdavis [symbol] edu). The link at the very bottom of the sidebar will take you to the page where you can join the listserv.

To reach the officers directly, email us at

Past Officers

A listing of officers from the previous academic year can be found here.

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