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Chapter Officers


  • Emily Meyer ( eemeyer [symbol] ucdavis [symbol] edu)


  • Tonie Scroggin ( tmscroggin [symbol] ucdavis [symbol] edu)


  • Carter Johnson ( caljohnson [symbol] ucdavis [symbol] edu)


  • Sam Fleicher (samfleischer [symbol] ucdavis [symbol] edu)

Undergraduate Chair

  • Dannie Kiel (drkiel [symbol] ucdavis [symbol] edu)

Communications and Workshop Chair

  • Akshita Sharma (akssharma [symbol] ucdavis [symbol] edu)

Faculty Sponsor:

  • Monica Vazirani

To reach all our members, you can use the AWM listserv (awm [symbol] ucdavis [symbol] edu). The link at the very bottom of the sidebar will take you to the page where you can join the listserv.

For additions/corrections to the website please email Carter Johnson (caljohnson [symbol] ucdavis [symbol] edu)

To reach the officers directly, email us at

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