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 ---- ----
-**Co-Presidents**: +**President**: 
   * Emily Meyer ( eemeyer [symbol] ucdavis [symbol] edu)   * Emily Meyer ( eemeyer [symbol] ucdavis [symbol] edu)
-  ​Katy Jarvis ​(kjjarvis ​[symbol] ucdavis [symbol] edu)+ 
 +  * Tonie Scroggin ​tmscroggin ​[symbol] ucdavis [symbol] edu)
 **Secretary**: ​ **Secretary**: ​
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 **Treasurer**:​ **Treasurer**:​
-  * Lily Silverstein ​(lsilver ​[symbol] ​math.ucdavis [symbol] edu)+  * Sam Fleicher ​(samfleischer ​[symbol] ucdavis [symbol] edu)
 **Undergraduate Chair** **Undergraduate Chair**
   *Dannie Kiel (drkiel [symbol] ucdavis [symbol] edu)   *Dannie Kiel (drkiel [symbol] ucdavis [symbol] edu)
-**Communications ​Director** +**Communications ​and Workshop Chair** 
-  *Esha Datta ( edatta [symbol] ucdavis [symbol] edu) +  *Akshita Sharma ​(akssharma ​[symbol] ucdavis [symbol] edu)
- +
-**Workshop Chair** +
-  *Sam Fleischer ​(samfleischer ​[symbol] ucdavis [symbol] edu)+
 **Faculty Sponsor**: **Faculty Sponsor**:
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