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Socials & Mentorship Events

List of social and mentorship events. Learn more about the AWM mentorship program or get involved as a mentor/mentee!

Spring 2018

Monday, June 4, 5-6pm in MSB 3106, Workshop: Thinking About Graduate School

Thinking about grad school in math or applied math? Your very own AWM is hosting a workshop this Monday, June 5th, on applying to graduate school at 5pm in MSB 3106. We will have a quick info session followed by a Q&A panel of graduate students who will talk more about their experiences applying to programs, choosing advisors, and finding their research projects.

DATE & TIME TBD, Mentorship Social:

AWM will be hosting another social and game night for our mentors and mentees in MSB 3106. More details to come.

Winter 2018

Thursday, Jan 25 at 4:30-6 PM, Mentorship Game Night:

AWM will be hosting a game night to kick off the mentorship program. AWM will supply food and some games. Please feel free to bring your own games as well.

Winter 2017

Wednesday, March 15, ice cream social:

The AWM chapter is hosting a social event on Wednesday, March 15 at 7:30 pm in MSB 1147 and we hope you will all be able to attend! There will be ice cream and desserts and we hope you will bring any board/card games you think would be fun for the evening. This is a great opportunity for mentee/mentor groups to meet up again, so feel free to invite your group to the event! The event is open to anyone - invite your friends!

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