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-Welcome to the AWM Student Chapter at UC Davis! This website is currently under construction+ 
 +{{ :​awm.jpg?​nolink&​400 |}} 
 +===== Welcome to the AWM Student Chapter at UC Davis! ​===== 
 +We are an official chapter of the [[https://​​site/​awmmath/​awm|Association for Women in Mathematics]]. 
 +The sidebar to the left links to detailed information about our organization,​ including meeting times and contact information. ​This website is also home to a growing list of resources for women in math. 
 +Please contact us with any additions, suggestions,​ or other feedback! 
 +**Spring 2017 meetings** are held every other Monday, 11:​00-11:​50am,​ in MSB 2240. See sidebar for dates. 
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