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 ==== Spring 2018 ==== ==== Spring 2018 ====
 +**Monday, April 30, 12-12:50pm in MSB 3106, Workshop: Social Change Now**
 + It is oftentimes difficult to identify solutions to social problems in STEM.  Even if you have ideas about what needs to change, you may not know how to take the first step.  In this workshop, we will work together to (a) identify realistic goals for social change in STEM and (b) identify how to utilize your network and your power to make steps toward your goals.
 +(Please note the room change from our previous location!)
 **Monday, April 16, 12-12:50pm in MSB 3240, Mission Statement Workshop** **Monday, April 16, 12-12:50pm in MSB 3240, Mission Statement Workshop**
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