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 ====== Workshops ====== ====== Workshops ======
 +==== Fall 2018 ====
 +**Friday November 30, 12:​00-1:​00pm,​ Room TBD, Workshop: Creating Inclusive Classrooms**
 +**Friday November 9, 12:​00-1:​00pm,​ Room TBD, Workshop: Retention of Undergrad Women in Math**
 ---- ----
 ==== Spring 2018 ==== ==== Spring 2018 ====
 +**Monday, June 4, 5-6pm in MSB 3106, Workshop: Thinking About Graduate School**
 +Thinking about grad school in math or applied math?  Your very own AWM is hosting a workshop this Monday, June 5th, on applying to graduate school at 5pm in MSB 3106.  We will have a quick info session followed by a Q&A panel of graduate students who will talk more about their experiences applying to programs, choosing advisors, and finding their research projects.
 +There will be cookies!
 **Monday, April 30, 12-12:50pm in MSB 3106, Workshop: Social Change Now** **Monday, April 30, 12-12:50pm in MSB 3106, Workshop: Social Change Now**
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